Blue Sport

Blue Sport WordPress Theme Information:

Blue Sport has many features to have a great sport blog. Theme has a custom control panel so you can manage the theme very easily.

Important: Do not use wp-pagenavi plugin with this theme. Theme has a custom navigation function.

Blue Sport theme has custom category templates for Photos and Videos category. You can see these category templates on demo blog.

Theme Installation:

  • Upload the bluesport folder to wp-content/themes,
  • Upload the custom-query-string-reloaded.php in plugin folder to wp-content/plugins,
  • Activate the theme and the plugin from WordPress admin panel,
  • Enter Categories under Posts menu, create a Photos category and a Videos category. Note the IDs of these categories.

You can learn the category ID by this way: Create the category, put your mouse on the category name and check the url of the category from the browser. You will see a number at the end of the url. This is the category ID.

For example: …wp-admin/edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=category&post_type=post&tag_ID=13

Category ID is 13 in this example.

Enter Blue Sport Theme Options under Appearance,

  • Fill in the fields,
  • Do not forget to write the category Id of Photos and Videos.
  • In theme folder, you can see 2 files: category-photos.php and category-videos.php
  • Change the names of these files with the category IDs that you noted.

    For example, if your Photos category ID is 5, rename the category-photos.php as category-5.php

    If your Videos Category Id is 17, rename the category-videos.php as category-17.php

    Then, these 2 categories will have custom templates.


In default, wordpress shows 10 posts in categories. But as you see, photos and videos categories should show more than 10 posts.


  • Activate the “Custom Query String Reloaded” plugin and enter Settings/CQS.
  • Select the Photos category and write 20 or 30 in Show field. Then click the Add button on right. Do it for the Videos category, too.

Now, your normal categories will show 10 posts in category pages, but Photos and Videos will show 30 posts in category pages.

Adding Posts:

  • Enter Posts/New Posts,
  • Write title, content, select category, add tags,
  • You will see Thumbnail Image Url under Content part. Write here the image url that will be the thumbnail on homepage near post. Use jpg files and start with http://
  • If you want the post in Slider, fill in the “If it is a Featured Post” field, too.
  • Publish the post.


You should use wordpress 3.x.

  • Go to Menus under Appearance
  • On right, big part, write a menu title. For example, mytopmenu and click Save Menu on top right of the part,
  • On left select pages or categories and click the Add to Menu buttons,
  • Again, click the Save Menu button on top right,
  • On top left(Theme Location), select your menu for Primary Menu(this is the top menu) and click the Save button.
  • Do the same things for Secondary Menu(this is the main menu of the theme).
  • You can use dropdown listing for Secondary Menu.

NOTE: This Theme is no longer available. It was originally released by in 2010, and while updates were made for a while, future development is not in the works. Several times per week we add new Theme reviews to our homepage, so be sure to check that out for the latest in Premium WordPress Themes. If you are looking for a good deal in Premium WordPress Themes, we highly recommend Elegant Themes.

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