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Gleam WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

We've said it before...but there are WordPress Themes and then there are WORDPRESS THEMES. Gleam most definitely falls into the latter as one of the most innovative Portfolio WordPress Themes of 2012.

Gleam WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

In a day and age when WordPress Theme developers get their “inspiration” from other Themes in the marketplace (a.k.a. they copy them), one thing you can always trust is that Elegant Themes continues to make their own mark in the WordPress ecosystem by creating truly original WordPress Themes that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Add to that a unique pricing structure where you get ALL of the 70+ Premium Themes created by Elegant Themes for just $39 – and it’s no wonder we call this the Best Deal in WordPress. Allow us to introduce you to their latest masterpiece: Gleam.

Best Portfolio/Photography WordPress Theme of 2012?

Not only do we feel this is one of the most unique WordPress Themes on the market today, we feel it is most certainly the best Portfolio Theme we’ve seen so far in 2012. With eye-catching effects and smooth ajax loading techniques, the user experience created by this Theme will absolutely grab your visitor’s attention.

Better yet, the Gleam Theme design doesn’t get in the way of your creative work. That is perhaps the best feature about this Theme and something you would probably never notice. The secret to successful Portfolio or Photography WordPress Themes is a Theme that can gracefully fade to the background so your photos can be front and center. You don’t want a flashy design that COMPETES with your work…you want something that augments it.

Gleam does this in spades!

Not only will your work take center stage, your design will be on the cutting edge of not only WordPress functionality but true high-end design (all for high-end cost of…wait for it…2 quarters).

Elegant Themes continues to impress us with their attention to detail and quality work throughout. Each WordPress Theme is painstakingly created by hand to address a need in the marketplace and to truly WOW people.

We couldn’t recommend a company more in all of WordPress than Elegant Themes. We’ve been paying members for several years now and will be as long as their doors are open (which according to Nick is going to be for a long time to come).

Price: $39 (Includes All 70+ Themes from Elegant Themes)

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