MeTube Youtube Clone

MeTube is an ads ready, youtube clone, video and game WordPress theme. Theme has a control panel.


MeTube theme has a custom navigation function. If you are using wp-pagenavi plugin, deactive that plugin before using this theme. You do not need that plugin. If you forget to deactivate it, you may get a white page error. If you got that error, delete the functions.php in theme folder and deactivate the plugin. Then upload the functions.php into theme folder again.

MeTube Installation:

  • Download the zip file from this page. There may be updated files.
  • Extract the file,
  • Upload the metube folder into wp-content/themes directory,
  • Upload the wp-postviews(in plugins folder) folder into wp-content/plugins directory,
  • Activate the theme and the wp-postviews plugin.

WP-postviews Plugin:

There are some options in Settings-Postviews but default options are ok. You do not need to change anything. If you want the plugin to count your visits(admin), choose “everyone” for “Count Views From” field.

MeTube Options:

Enter Appearance-MeTube Options and fill in the fields.

  • Blog Title: If you do not want to use a logo, write a title,
  • Top Center Menu: Write your general video and game category urls. You can create a general Videos category and create subcategoris in this category. You can see the example in demo.
  • Top Right Menu: If you want to disable the right top menu, check it.
  • Featured Category: This is for homepage. Create a Featured category and write here that category ID.
  • Videos Category: Write the general videos category ID.
  • Games Category: Write the general games category ID.
  • What’s New Category: You can have normal blog posts in a category. See the eample posts on right bottom of the demo homepage. Create a category called Blog and write here that categoy ID.
  • Featured Video Code: Paste the featured video embed code. This is the video in right sidebar.
  • What’s New category URL: Write the url of your Blogs category.
  • 300*225 Adsense: Paste the Adsense code or a normal banner code.


Just change the logo.gif in images folder.

Adding Video, Game or Normal Post:

  • After installation, enter Posts-New,
  • Write the title,
  • If it is a game or video, write the description in content part. If it is a normal post, write everything in the content field,
  • Under the content part, you will see “Thumbnail Url” field. Write here the thumbnail image url. Use http://.,
  • If it is a video, paste the embed code in “If it is a video” field. Use 640 as the width in embed code. If it is not a video post, do not write anything in this field.
  • If it is a game, write the the url of the swf file in “If it is a game” field. Use http://
  • If it is a normal post, do not write anything in these two fields. Just add a thumbnail url.
  • Choose the category, add the tags and publish it.

NOTE: This Theme is no longer available. It was originally released by in 2010, and while updates were made for a while, future development is not in the works. Several times per week we add new Theme reviews to our homepage, so be sure to check that out for the latest in Premium WordPress Themes. If you are looking for a good deal in Premium WordPress Themes, we highly recommend Elegant Themes.

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