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Alright, alright – what’s the story behind the silly name. Well one of my favorite movies is “V for Vendetta “, where the main character’s favorite movie is “The Count of Monte Cristo“. Both movies are classic tales of retribution and payback – which I love. Therefore, when I was coding the theme, I may have taken a break, took out “V for Vendetta” and Voila!

Let it be known that is is one of my older themes that I once had for sale in Themeforest. It did quite well in the beginning. Although I noticed the decline in sales as time passed, therefore I decided to give it away for free.

So what’s so special about it?

Monte Cristo is clean, sharp and minimal. Yet the subtle graphic effects give it a bit of modernity and heightened class. I especially like this theme because it kind of reminds me of the older style of web pages – with the borders, and the “page-peel” effect (which was quite big a couple of years ago). It comes with an options page where you can tweak the slideshow settings, switch stylesheets etc. It also comes with an alternate homepage template, as well as a “portfolio” page. Read my old sales pitch page for more details.

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