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Optimize WordPress Database

One of the most annoying problems every blogger face is the speed of their site and how to improve it by using some cache plugins  for example ( W3cache and Wp Total cache), But they forgot that the site database play a major role in this process. WordPress database need to be optimized at least three times /month with dropping of unwanted tables and fix of damaged content.  CharmingWp face the same problem with the speed so i started to make some researches about how to optimize my site database and i found some good results explain some plugins and also hand methods. Today  I will introduce those results to all my blog’s readers for benefits.


WordPress Plugins for Database Optimization ::

WP-Optimize WordPress Plugin.

This the first plugin i found during my research. Its simple but very affective method to control your site database without any knowledge about how to access the phpmyadmin or do changes in it. The main feature i love in this plugin is The ability to clean the post revisions from the database and also all spam comments with one click.Additionally you can rename any username to another username too.


  • Remove the WordPress post revisions
  • Remove the WordPress auto draft posts [NEW]
  • Remove all the comments in the spam queue
  • Remove all the un-approved comments
  • Rename one username to another username, it’s designed to rename default “Admin” user to something else
  • Apply mysql optimize commands on your database tables without phpMyAdmin.
  • Display Database table statistics. Shows how much space can be optimzied and how much space has been cleared.
  • Visible only to the administrators.


This plugin is the most famous one as its released by very know developer in the wordpress community (Lester’GaMerZ’ Chan). The plugin contain couple of features more than the previous one

1: Backup your database and may set schedule for this weekly , monthly or even daily.

2: Drop/empty tables and run selected queries.

WP Database Optimizer.

Another simple plugin for database optimization, This plugin allows for automated scheduled database optimization. The user can specify (in days) how long in between automated optimizations.

Optimize DB.

This plugin runs an optimize table command on your WordPress tables, effectively defragmenting it. This is very useful for tables that are frequently updated.


Manuel WordPress Optimization.

In this method you need to have the required knowledge about how to access phpmyadmin and do commands in it ( Please don’t try this if you not have the specific skills)

1: Backup Your Database Manuel or with one of the plugins above.

2: Locate the tables that have overhead. Look at the example below to see what I mean.

As you can see in the example above, the far right column lists all the tables in the WordPress database that contain overhead.  There isn’t much overhead there, but we’ll get rid of it all the same.

3: Select those tables and optimize. Check the box next to the tables that contain overhead and then select “Optimize table” from the drop down menu.  That’s all there is to it.


And you are done. This some simple examples about how to optimize your wordpress site database. I wish I did a good job with this small article and I wish you enjoy the reading, Please dont Forget to share this if you found any thing useful for you.



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