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Do you consider yourself to be an individual on the “cutting edge” of most things? Fancy yourself an early adopter in all situations technological? You know who you are. You’re the guy who bought the Betamax for $800 the day it came out because you were sure it would be here to stay. And now look at it…those copies of the Star Wars trilogy just sitting there all dusty and un-played. Well fear not my risk-taking friend, for I have something that will curb your insatiable appetite for all things new and shiny that I can guarantee will be around for a while!

That’s right, I’m talking about SmartStart premium WordPress theme by Smuliii of ThemeForest. Built with the newest, most awesomest, totally rad technologies in town, SmartStart is built from the ground up using HTML5 and CSS3. With this, you can rest assured that you’re using a theme that’s forward-thinking instead of one simply trying to cling onto the past to make your website appear okay in fledgling legacy browsers.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, they didn’t stop there with SmartStart premium theme. On top of all that HTML5/CSS3 goodness that’s baked right into the theme, it also features a clean, minimal, and responsive layout that adapts to fit the size of whatever device is viewing it at the time. What’s great about this is that no matter where your site is being viewed—whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or 102 inch projector screen—your site is going to look great and deliver your content in a way that is best suited for that format. Gone are the days of pinching and zooming and double-tapping to move in on a particular passage you want to see. Instead, everything is arranged in the most intuitive way possible for that device, making for an incredibly enjoyable experience overall.

SmartStart of course comes with plenty of other options that are available through its administrative panel, enabling you to customize your site in a powerful and flexible way that is ultimately tailored to meet your specific needs and suit your particular tastes. Take some time to check out the features list below along with the live demo at the end of the post to see if SmartStart premium WordPress theme is the right fit for your next web project!

SmartStart Theme Features

  • Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 tableless design
  • Unbranded Theme Options Panel
  • Custom Shortcodes with Shortcode Generator
  • Custom Slider Manager
  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom Post Types
  • Local HTML5 Video/Audio Support
  • Post Formats Support
  • Theme Update Notifier
  • jQuery enhanced
  • 500+ Google Web Fonts with Preview Option (automatically updating)
  • CSS-based dropdown navigation
  • Easy to use Google Maps (Google Maps made Simple Plugin)
  • AJAX /PHP contact form (Contact From 7 plugin)
  • Localization Support (Easy to translate)
  • All files are well commented
  • All images are compressed with PunyPNG to increase site performance
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • PSDs and Documentation

Demo & Download – SmartStart WordPress Theme

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